If you thought electronic die cutters were just for scrapbooking, think again! These handy craft machines have people who’ve never even seen a scrapbook cutting away and creating incredible crafts, signs, and other useful or decorative items.

Many people first lay eyes on a Cricut, Silhouette, or other die cutting machine and think that those are only for die-hard scrapbookers. And while it’s true that these miraculous machines make the fussy-cutting of scrapbooking paper elements a breeze, die cutting machines have an endless variety of other uses.

School Room Decorations

Any teacher can tell you that hand-cutting all the letters and shapes they use to decorate classroom walls and bulletin boards not only takes a lot of time, but it’s usually time they don’t get paid for. But with a die cutting machine, teachers can whip up a new design (especially with Cricut’s Design Space program) on their tablet while students are doing schoolwork, then later have the machine cut out the projects while they multi-task, correcting homework.

Signage for Business and Home

The costs of hiring someone to make signs or vinyl lettering for your home, business, or car windows can add up fast. You can probably buy the machine and the materials needed for the cost of one or two window signs, and be able to use the machine over and over later on, to create sale signs for your business or inspirational quotes to go on your wall or in a picture frame. You could also cut out vinyl labels to stick on anything to organize your home, while keeping it pretty.

Fabric Shapes for Quilting

Cut out quilt block shapes or appliqués for your sewing projects. Many of these machines can cut through most fabrics (check the machine specifications, and be sure to follow the directions and proper settings).


You can use the available iron-on transfer materials to make t-shirt lettering or images. Does your grandchild love Minnie Mouse? You can purchase a Minnie Mouse design and use it to put the design on a bag, a t-shirt, a hat, etc. There are a variety of iron-on materials available, including glitter, reflective, and glow in the dark.

Create Festive Boxes and Envelopes

Holiday packaging and special gifts are a breeze with a die cutting machine. From cookie and popcorn boxes to mini present boxes to paper bows and paper Easter baskets, the variety of custom packaging you can create is limitless.

These are just a few of the types of things you can do with an electronic die cutting machine. Most of these machines can also cut a variety of materials (sometimes with the necessary addition of a deep cutting blade or another special blade), including ultra-thin metals, balsa wood, leather, fabric, card stock, and paper of varying thicknesses.

Choose the machine with the qualities that work for you, whether it’s the Cricut’s easy-to-use interface, the Silhouette’s freedom to use a variety of cutting files, or the Brother ScanNCut’s amazing ability to scan a design and then cut it for you. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to find a million uses for these creative machines!